Diagnostic Dating Specialists, LLC

What We Do


DDS, LLC satisfies the need for unbiased age of injury reporting in a cost effective, efficient manner. Our mission is to provide our clients with objective, detailed medical narratives from board certified radiologists through the reading of scans in order to clarify the true value of a claim.

Critical Information Support

Our team of Board Certified Radiologists will generate detailed evaluations, interpretations, and second opinions in a clear, concise medical narrative. Each report is presented and processed in a manner that adheres to HIPAA regulations and affords protection against expert testimony challenges during the litigation process. At DDS, we understand the time sensitivity of your industry and the ever growing complexity of your work. In response to your needs, we guarantee the delivery of the report within 10 business days of the receipt of the scan. Additionally, our medical personnel are available for expert depositions and testimony in support of your case.

An Indispensable Resource

You constantly work to ascertain the true value of a case. Our services provide an indispensable resource for your plan. Our reliability, efficiency, and high degree of professionalism will prove to save you time, money and energy when working towards a successful resolution of a case.