Diagnostic Dating Specialists, LLC


Non-Biased Expert Radiological Opinions

Our non-biased double blind process protects the integrity of our board certified expert reports. Our team of Board Certified Radiologists provide opinions resulting in competent preparation and support for the litigation process.

Type of Reports Available:

  • Age of Injury

    Determines whether the injury in question is related or unrelated to the date of the accident

  • 2nd Opinion

    reviews the original MRI and provides an analysis of the injury in question. An Age of Injury analysis is included in a 2nd Opinion report.

  • Comparison Study

    Compares 2 different studies of the same injury site(typically a before and after scenario)

Litigation Consulting Services

DDS, LLC provides expert witness testimony at trial for our clients. Our age of injury report typically identifies the expert services that will be rendered in a given case. After the initial report, DDS can provide additional expert services to facilitate the litigation of an ongoing case.

Litigation Support Services

Our Board Certified Radiologists are available to assist in case preparation. Their opinions include identifying or rejecting issues of causation and liability. Let our Board Certified Radiologists help identify the litigation path to the effective, efficient resolution of your case or claim.

“Your Identified Expert in Litigation”
Let our Board Certified Radiologists testify in your next contested matter. All of our radiologists are trial trained. We understand the nuances of the litigation process including depositions and live testimony. Our initial report was performed through our double blind process. The non-biased benefit we provide as your testifying expert through our initial opinion is second to none. Our experts will appear live at your trial or hearing. Why hire anyone else?